Saudis held 3 court sessions on heinous Khashoggi killing

saudi khashoggi


Saudi Arabia has claimed Jamal Khashoggis killers have been brought to justice after describing the murder as a heinous crime and unfortunate accident. The head of the Kingdoms human rights commission refused to name any of those it said was involved but insisted they had not been subjected to torture. Khashoggi was killed inside the Saudi Consulate. Callamard said that Saudi Arabia undermined Turkeys efforts to investigate the death and that the killing was carried out by officials of the State of Saudi Arabia. The head of the Saudi human rights commission said on Thursday that the kingdom was bringing those accused over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi to justice and rejected an international investigation into the case. Three dozen Western countries a critic and Washington Post columnist. Justice in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates pursuant to international law and it does so in all transparency Aiban told the Geneva forum during a review of Saudis rights record. Lack of confidence in Saudi narrativeSpeaking from Geneva Al Jazeeras Neave Barker said that there has been a change in mood from the human rights council towards Saudi Arabia. What weve seen from the outset since this whole saga became public is a series of obfuscations and denials by Saudi Arabia Fischer said. Al member Human Rights Council conducted a regular review of Saudi Arabias human rights record a periodic process faced by all U

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