Former Gillibrand Staffer Says Her Office Bungled Sexual Harassment Claim

sex harassment


But according to a new report Gillibrands Senate office has been accused by a former staffer of inadequately responding after one of her top aides was reported for sexual harassment this past summer. According to Politico the staffer who left Gillibrands office is now looking to start a career outside of politics entirely. I have reached out to Gillibrands office for comment on the allegations published by Politico and will update this story if they respond. Kirsten Gillibrand according to a report on Monday. Less than three weeks later retaliated against her for making the complaint. She told Gillibrands chief of staff the report said. She issued a statement to Politico defending her offices handling of the investigation. The woman who made the complaints told Politico in an interview that Gillibrands staffers didnt take her claims seriously. Shes making the fight against sexual assault and harassment a key component of her Democratic presidential campaign. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York one of the most vocal advocates of the #MeToo movement who also led the charge in calling for fellow Democratic Sen

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