Half of the 2020 Female Democrat Candidates Covered Up Sexual Harassment

sex harassment


His campaign was a swamp of sexism sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by staffers and political allies. But the only woman that the Democrats picked for the White House had a career record of covering up the sexual harassment and possible sexual assaults that were being committed by her husband. Women are just as likely to cover for sexual harassment by a trusted male employee or aide. While the sexual harassment scandals in the offices of the two female senators were no match for the sheer scale of the complaints in Bernies campaign there was a pattern. Were Malik and Wallace able to get away with their alleged harassment because of their close relationships with female bosses who had built their brands around fighting sexual harassment?. Boeings stock has halted a two day skid and turned higher in the final minutes of trading on Wall Street. They won the prize for stories on sexual harassment in the congressional delegations they cover

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