Women are fighting against sexual harassment online long before MeToo

sex harassment


a chargesheet has been filed against cricketer mohammed shami under section 498a. The chargesheet was filed against the fast bowler nearly a year after his wife Hasin Jahan lodged a police complaint levelling multiple charges against Shami and four of his family members. Shami last played in the just concluded One Day International series against Australia where he picked five wickets in four matches. Women in countries such as India Pakistan and others have long organized successful campaigns against sexual harassment. And today it has grown into a larger movement across Indias major cities for bringing in meaningful policies against sexual harassment. Other countriesSimilar digital campaigns against sexual harassment took place in many other emerging economies before #MeToo. A leading pop star Meena Shafi and the two winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid faced abusive online trolling when they tweeted about sexual harassment. Employers are pushing for new laws to allow them to more easily sack perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment arguing that the current system is hampering efforts to stamp out misconduct. In a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commissions sexual harassment inquiry which discouraged them from sacking perpetrators. Ai group chief Innes Willox says employers need more freedom to sack perpetrators of sexual harassment

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