Charlotte Kirk breaks her silence on sexual misconduct scandal with Warner Bros boss

sex misconduct


Hours after finding herself the subject of a second unflattering article in The Hollywood Reporter actress Charlotte Kirk has broken her silence. The followup was about her pressuring Avi Lerner and others to give her a role in the Hellboy revamp. But she wanted to remind that she is still getting established and the piling on is getting gratuitous and unfair. Firstly I want to make it absolutely clear that I had nothing to do with the publication of this story. I will never stop fighting; fighting to define myself fighting for the best roles and fighting for the career I love and was born to do. Kirsten Gillibrand urged Senate leaders to pass her bipartisan Congressional Harassment Reform Act. Congress has a sexual harassment problem and isnt taking it seriously Gillibrand wrote in Fortune magazine. Gillibrand is a political opportunist who has seized on the #MeToo movement to advance her political career. As Gillibrand put it in her Fortune op ed Congress needs to show leadership and make it clear that we wont tolerate sexual harassment anymore. Essex Police Det Con Lee Pollard was found guilty of one count

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