Roy Moore who was sexual misconduct considers 2020 Senate run

sex misconduct


In an interview on the Christian program Focal Point on American Family Radio host Bryan Fischer asked Moore about the 2020 race for the Senate in Alabama. He cited what he described as misinformation campaigns against him. Jones was the first Democrat in a quarter century to be elected to the US Senate in Alabama. The US representative Bradley Byrne is the only Republican in Alabama who has formally pledged to run for the Senate in 2020 according to AL. Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful kept an aide on her staff despite multiple accusations of sexual harassment according to several Monday report. Kirsten Gillibrand according to Washington Examiner. She is described as mid 20s married and apparently Gillibrand officiated her wedding. He reportedly said that the young female aide couldnt get laid unless she was raped. Despite the aides reports Malik kept his job. The former aide initially indicated she thought the investigation was fair but later complained in her letter that she felt retaliated against for making the complaint

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