R Kelly threatens rape accuser in signed legal letter men saying 10 men will testify about sex life

sex rape


This is the legal letter in which R Kelly threatens a woman who is suing the singer for allegedly giving her herpes. This letter was filed after Lydia Agu filed a request for a preliminary conference. The unidentified female was speaking to another woman who asked her about the treatment of Yazidis under the caliphate. Speaking to a mobile phone camera she described her interpretation of the Quran as a justification for the rape and murder of Yazidi women taken prisoner as sex slaves. When pressed on details the woman replied she did not know much about the Islamic text. Force not your slave girls to whoredom that ye may seek enjoyment of the life of the world if they would preserve their chastity. Kelly has reportedly threatened his alleged victim with a legal letter in order to get her to drop the lawsuit against him. She is suing the singer for allegedly giving her herpes Kelly also demanded to see medical documentation that could prove that claim. The letter hadnt been filed in court at the time of Rodgers press conference during which she also said that R. Kelly had demanded that she turn over her texts and social media posts

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