Boss revealed to Las Vegas shooting survivor to suck it up

shoot survivor


A man who says he was afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after surviving the shooting massacre in Las Vegas has claimed in a lawsuit that his employer told him to suck it up. The suit claims that in the weeks after Giampaolo returned from Las Vegas according to the Republican American. The lawsuit claims that while he was at a noisy and crowded event for housing professionals weeks after the shooting Giampaolo suffered a panic attack and left early. Giampaolo is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit which was filed in Superior Court in Torrington. The former Colorado governor is scheduled to have dinner and a roundtable discussion Saturday with survivors of the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Hickenloopers campaign announced this week. The location of Hickenloopers meeting with shooting survivors hasnt been announced and the campaign has not said explicitly if he plans to visit the church itself. The companys co owner allegedly told Giampaolo to suck it up. The complaint says Roth told Giampaolo you need to get over it. She allegedly told Giampaolo during a meeting that she had sucked it up and you should do the same

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