FBI Used Steele Dossier In Fisas Despite Knowing About Flaws And Bias

steel dossier


Newly released FBI notes from interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr about British ex spy Christopher Steele show the bureau continued using Steeles unverified and flawed dossier despite warnings about Steeles biases. The notes even suggest Ohr believed some of Steeles allegations might be Russian conspiracy theories. Steeles dossier was used in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications to obtain surveillance against Trump campaign associate Carter Page. Former CIA Moscow station chief Daniel Hoffman told the Washington Examiner the dossier was likely FSB disinformation. Kavalec notated the conversation and passed her findings along to the FBI. Threatening to take voters firearms away isnt the way to beat Donald Trump. Democrats insist theres no more urgent job than ensuring Donald Trump is a one term president. Which is odd given how hard they are simultaneously working to alienate the voters they most need to make that happen. Graham which he claimed showed bias in the Justice Department as it began the Russia investigation. The FBI continued to use the dodgy dossier compiled by Steele to renew court warrants targeting Donald Trump despite accepting the Brits apparent bias against the president

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