Mueller report confirms the Steele dossier belongs in the dustbin of

steel dossier


And its worth reflecting on why another set of Americans could look at actual troubling evidence of Russian contacts and simply not care at all. Taken as whole and distorted the public debate. I was flat out told that there was evidence Trump had been compromised by Russian intelligence. For all of their other accomplishments the Clintons are leaving American public life with a legacy of lies and lawlessness. The dossier may be her most infamous achievement. Her campaign and ultimately Hillary herself bears responsibility for the chaos it sowed. During the general election Russian media continued to favor Trump as the peoples underdog waging a losing battle against the establishment backed Clinton. The Steele dossier is now officially an orphan. repeatedly insisted in a tuesday night interview that nothing in the steele dossier has been disproven. MacCallum noted that Steele himself had called the dossier not a finished work product to which Swalwell remarkably continued asking what part isnt accurate

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