Stranger Things 3 Will Be Inspired By So Many Nostalgic Movies From 80s Teen Comedies To Classic Horror

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ing a show mature from season one to season two and so on is. But by season three theyre the best relationship on the show. Every scene with Dustin and Steve is a delight. Steve was kind of getting sidelined because Nancy dropped him for Jonathan and he didnt have a lot to do. In between meeting fans Stranger Things Season 3 and somehow even more about Star Wars. i was going to ask about a star wars moment in the stranger things trailer. Thats the backstory we created that Dustin made Steve into a complete Star Wars nerd. There are so many 80s references but there arent a lot of Star Wars references in the plot. Its almost time to return to Hawkins Matt and Ross Duffer have some homework for you. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly and its a doozy of a list

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