Strangers on a New York City subway band together to free a womans luggage wheel

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A band of caring New York City subway riders rushed to the aid of a fellow passenger on Friday morning after the wheel of her suitcase became trapped between the platform and the train. But luckily subway riders leaped into action. The group of strangers line up against the side of the cart and start to rock it back and forth in unison. The kind strangers then re board the subway and continued on with their morning commute with a smile on their faces. A New York judge has sentenced a woman who according to her attorney was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to 20 years in jail for pushing a stranger to her death in front of a subway. Robert Watton filed civil suits against Liverpool Turner properly. Altoona police say they arrested 60 old Brian Smith Thursday. The Altoona Mirror reports Smith was unconscious and surrounded by destroyed sanitary napkins. Police say Smith told them he used methamphetamine within the last two days and was unable to explain how or why he entered the house

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