York woman asked stranger not to feed her pigs She had to call the cops to stop it

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the game would tie in with the third season of the netflix series they werent kidding. The game will allow both single player and co op and gives players the chance to explore Hawkins for themselves. Play through and delve deeper into the events of Stranger Things 3 in a retro style adventure game from BonusXP a press release stated. A York woman whose family is raising pure bred pigs with a special natural diet asked a stranger not to feed her pigs. But the stranger continued feeding the animals on Adkins Road near York said property owner Gretchen Haney. She admitted to deputies that she had been feeding the pigs without permission and had been told not to feed the pigs according to an incident report. Haney said her Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs are a heritage breed that is fairly rare. That means only a special diet for the hogs. The woman feeding her animals had given the pigs other food including dog biscuits. Now another announcement has been made that will get the Stranger Things Switch gamers excited

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