How the Stop Shop strike is affecting store services

strike shop


Stop & Shop had been hoping to minimize disruption in the event of a strike. According to multiple reports this week as workers picket outside. Theres no one shopping here today at Stop & Shop Sen. Ed Markey told workers Monday outside a store in Quincy according to MassLive. Stop & Shop officials say their latest offer keeps wages and benefits above industry averages while keeping the company competitive in a rapidly changing industry. Stop & Shop also says additional police and security personnel are at some stores as a precaution. The Boston Globe reports that the office of former vice president Joe Biden says Biden will speak to the striking workers Thursday. Stop & Shop says their latest offer is above the industry standard as negotiations continue. Wednesday in front of Stop & Shop headquarters in Quincy. Katsigianis spoke with HuffPost about why hes on strike how to hold a picket line and what a hot item yogurt is in his store

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