Congress Will Sue To Enforce Mcgahn Subpoena Next Week Nadler Says

subpoena nadler


Jerry Nadler said that his committee would continue to work to break the log jam that the Trump administration has formed to prevent congressional oversight and said they would continue to enforce subpoenas including that of former White House Counsel Don McGahn. The very next step to ask for the grand jury material and to enforce a subpoena against Mr. The panel voted to hold the former White House staffer in contempt for refusing to comply with the order. Trump backed off the request when McGahn refused. Nadler said favorable court orders on those matters would open the floodgates for enforcement of other subpoenas that he considers key to ongoing investigations of President Trump that have been stymied by White Houses refusal to cooperate. Calling McGahn the main fact witness of former special counsel Robert Muellers report Nadler told CNNs Anderson Cooper that a lawsuit to enforce a subpoena for McGahns testimony would be filed early next week. Nadler had said on Wednesday that the McGahn lawsuit would be filed by the end of this week. Since Nadler issued the subpoena the White House has maneuvered to keep McGahn out of Congresss hands. We are in our Articles of Confederation moment. By this I mean we are in a phase in our national life where we need to recognize that our institutions are not serving our interest

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