Sudan Faces a Future Without al Bashir

sudan bashir


Sudans new military rulers say they will restore civilian rule in two years or less. Omar al Bashir has been toppled 30 years after shunting aside a democratically elected leader. But will he be succceed another strongman?. He said Bashir was being held in a safe place and a military council would now run the country. It called on protesters to maintain a sit in outside the defense ministry that started on Saturday a source with the group said. Despite the arrest warrant Bashir defied the court by visiting several ICC member states. Troops deployed around the defense ministry and on major roads and bridges in the capital. The latest crisis has escalated since the weekend where Bashirs residence is located. Sudans ruling military council on Friday announced that it would not extradite Bashir to face allegations of genocide at the international war crimes court. a look back at his presidencybut the main protest group rejected the proposal saying the military council was not capable of creating change

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