The Latest Egypt backs removal of al Bashir in Sudan

sudan bashir


In a statement had been arrested in a safe place. The military seized control of state television shortly after dawn on Thursday amid unconfirmed reports that Bashir was under house arrest at his residence in the defence ministry compound. Be ready for it without giving further details. president omar al year period of military rule to be followed by elections. In an address on state television was under arrest in a safe place and a military council was now running the country. Sudanese celebrate after officials said the military had forced longtime autocratic President Omar al Bashir to step down after 30 years in power. apseated on a gold upholstered armchair a nationwide ceasefire and the suspension of the constitution. He also said Sudans air space would be closed for 24 hours and border crossings shut until further notice. Since then successive waves of dissent have all been brutally quashed by him and his coterie of Islamists and mercenaries. There are no more second acts and there is no more shapeshifting that will work for Omar al Bashir

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