How to care for your hair this summer

summer hair


Theres no need to walk back into the office with hair more frazzled than you left with as there are plenty of products to help. A dehydrated or sun damaged scalp can also impact hair growth investing in a scalp treatment will help restore necessary nutrients and minerals. best products for sun busting shampoo and philip kingsley for scalp soothing. Enter Urban Outfitters Glitter Chair Pool Float which looks very much like the much swanky version of the 90s classic. Urban Outfitters is offering the sparkliest of pool floats in one of three different colors for just $24. If youd rather go for goddess vibes you can get an oyster pool float and feel like a damn pearl. But really if you want to go big if you want to go bigger than big Id recommend Funboys Rainbow Pool Float. Do they slap you in the face with a pool noodle and call you fat while youre trying to lay back and relax?At least you can play with this cool motorized pool chair from PoolCandy while all that stuff is happening though. No more awkwardly paddling yourself over to the side of the pool to get out or to get another drink. Not the actual game of water polo where you use your motor chairs as steeds

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