Hollywoods Shaky Summer Box Office Points To Larger Issues

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Disney had the magic at the movie theater this summer consumers shrugged off a season of sequels. No studio in the industry knows their audience better than Disney right now chief analyst at Boxoffice. LOS ANGELES This was supposed to be the summer when Hollywood blew the doors off theaters. Not with Simba the X Men and Godzilla on the way. Instead the film business finds itself lagging last years surge and facing questions about why. Some box office analysts point to 20th Century Fox which imploded in Rupert Murdochs handoff to Disney and delivered three bombs in a row. Summer ticket sales finished 2% behind last year a slight downturn that came despite an unprecedented display by Disney. 2 billion in domestic summer box office is greater than that of all the major studios combined. Instead the main storyline on the summer came to be the yawning gap between Disney and the rest of the industry. 8 million through Monday domestically plus sizable ticket sales abroad

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