Spectacular Today Summer Solstice Arrives Friday Morning

summer solstice


During this time Earths axis will slightly shift with its northern axis tilting a little bit closer to the Sun. The southern axis will tilt farther away from the Sun. it will occur in the southern hemisphere at 3. THOUSANDS of people travel to Stonehenge every year to celebrate the summer solstice. but do you know why the wiltshire monument attracts so many people on the longest day of the year?2 the summer solstice is considered to be the longest day of the year because its when we get the most daylight credit. The longest day of the year marks the middle of summer. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the shortest day of the year and is known as the winter solstice. Summer Solstice providing plenty of daylight hours to party this weekend. By longtime tradition starts Saturdays Solstice Parade. The party continues at the parades conclusion at the Fremont Solstice Celebration in Gas Works Park with music performances beer garden and art activities

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