The Supreme Courts Online Sales Tax Ruling Is Already a Huge Headache for Small Businesses New at Reason

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When he started selling race car equipment 40 years ago Chris Heitman never imagined that hed have to learn which states charge sales tax for fireproof underwear. until last year that meant heitman was responsible for collecting and paying sales taxes to exactly one place. The source of Heitmans frustrations is Wayfair v. South Dakota which allowed states to collect sales taxes from online businesses located beyond their borders. Hes spent thousands of dollars on new software to help navigate the complexities of state sales tax law but thats only been so much help. It almost seems like I have another full time job dumped on me with this sales tax thing he says. This led Justice Stephen Breyer to use a steak recipe to show why he believes the majoritys interpretation was not exactly well done. Thats where Breyers steak recipe comes into play. or simply that he did not understand the instructions?the justice makes the comparison to the case but an angus steak that must be remove[d. Just like the steak recipe requires the meat to be taken off the grill at a specified time so to an alien must be detained when the alien is released

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