Unequal Justice As The Next Census Approaches Will The Supreme Court Side With Trump In His War On Immigrants

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A couple of weeks ago I noted that one way to look at the 2020 Democratic primary contest was to think of it as a battle between those candidates who wanted a revolution versus those who want to see more of a restoration. The New York Times reported Wednesday that White House lawyers have told McGahn not to comply. Third the House Oversight Committee also subpoenaed former White House personnel security Carl Kline over Jared Kushners security clearance. And for Trumps tax documents its unlawful to disclose tax returns simply to expose the taxpayer. In a statement made outside the White House Trump described the McGahn subpoena as ridiculous. He then continued were fighting all the subpoenas. he Supreme Court appears poised to hand Donald Trump another victory in his war on immigrants. Shortly after his confirmation as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross directed the Bureau to reinstate the citizenship question in the Census short form. Holder which invalidated a key provision of the Voting Rights Act

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