Iowa man who was mistakenly given prostate cancer surgery asks jurors to award 15 million

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When you work on television Norville said. And an Inside Edition viewer reached out to say shed seen something on my neck. The host said colleague Diane McIrney will pitch in on the show while she seeks treatment. Ill be away for a bit who did not specify how long shed be away. Courtesy of Saint Peters Healthcare SystemEveryone agrees the Iowa Clinic gave debilitating prostate cancer surgery to the wrong patient. The patient after learning his surgery was unnecessary because he never had cancer. Iowa Clinic officials told Huitt their pathologist had mixed up a microscope slide containing Huitts prostate tissue with a slide containing tissue from a patient who had cancer. The lawsuit names the Iowa Clinic and one of its pathologists as defendants. She said a bowel cancer diagnosis meant you have to live faster because you have less timeTogether more people can stop people dying of bowel cancer. Barbara has undergone bowel surgery and lost her hair as a result of chemotherapy which is quite rare for people with bowel cancer

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