Elon Musks Firing Spree Hits Teslas HR Department Ahead of Model Y Debut

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Tomorrow Tesla will unveil the long awaited Model Y SUV. Specifically the shakeup in the recruiting department could be due to the Teslas reduced projection for future retail hiring. Meanwhile a price point Musk had long promised his fans. Expectation on the new model is high as SUVs are currently the fastest growing vehicle segment in the U. Musk is one of the most brilliant people of our generation told CNN Business Alison Kosik during the Markets Now live show on Wednesday. And Im willing to do that because Tesla will be the next Amazon he said. Musk accused regulators of trying to infringe on his freedom of speechGerber said he isnt concerned about Musks controversies. The SEC called those tweets false and misleading and a deal to go private never materialized

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