Tesla CEO dubbed Slavon Musk after reposting Russian innovation meme

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Theres no doubt Musk knew of the pictures origin Elon Musk? which he had seen before and had even commented on in Russian. The SEC called those tweets false and misleading and a go private deal never materialized. As part of that settlement Musk stepped down as the companys chairman and he and Tesla agreed to pay $20 million each in fines. Musk had called the regulator the Shortseller Enrichment Commission after the settlement and tweeted that something is broken with SEC oversight just one day after the SEC started pursuing the contempt order. Unofficial Tesla Model Y concept art by a Tesla enthusiast. Tesla has been keen to sell the Model 3 as a cheaper version of the Model S even producing a comparison guide that lists the reasons why the Model S is better. Its possible Tesla will use a similar strategy again although its unclear how the Model Y will differ from the Model X at this stage. That means those Tesla employees with knowledge of the privatization plan could have used the opportunity for insider trading given the dramatic stock price movement during that time. Meissner represented Tripp in his tip to the SEC but not in the ongoing lawsuit with Tesla

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