Ebola treatment center attacked again as Congo battles a deadly epidemic

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The World Health Organization said a staff member was injured in the Saturday attack by armed groups that targeted the center again last week. WHO Director day visit and spoke to officials and staff at the center after the attack. But we have no choice except to continue serving the people here who are among the most vulnerable in the world. He said some groups are exploiting the desperation of the situation during the Ebola outbreak. The facility only reopened last Saturday after an attack by gunmen the previous Wednesday forced its closure. The Butembo centre is now run by the health ministry in collaboration with the WHO and the UN childrens organisation Unicef. A police officer was killed and health workers were wounded. He pledged the group is committed to ending the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo and said they will not leave leave until they do. Heavily armed assailants again attacked an Ebola treatment centre in the heart of eastern Congos deadly outbreak on Saturday while frightened patients waited in isolation rooms for the gunfire to end. A health care worker from the World Health Organisation prepares to give an Ebola vaccination in Mangina Democratic Republic of Congo

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