Former attorney general Matthew Whitaker did not deny that Trump called him up about Cohen case

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James has opened a civil investigation into President Donald Trumps. Deutsche Bank has been one of the few major banks willing to regularly lend to Trump whose past financial troubles scared off large New York banks. bafin to deepen deutsche bank money laundering investigation. comThe case stems from an ongoing investigation into the Danish banks Estonian division. If that is the case it would potentially be the largest instance of money laundering ever uncovered. Deutsche Bank falls into the mix as it acted as Danske Banks main correspondent bank. This follows earlier reports that Trump pushed to have his friend Geoffrey Berman installed in the SDNY slot to gain control over the investigation into Cohen. That would constitute Trump directly inserting himself into a case where his own actions were under scrutiny. 8 but in general refused to answer questions about Cohen or about the SDNY. However its a long way from appropriate for Trump to directly attempt to replace the prosecutor investigating a case in which he was involved

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