Paul Ryan Tells Author Retirement Was Escape Hatch From Trump

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House Committee Authorizes Subpoenas for Jared Kushner Jared Kushner. I have been very lenient in permitting people to discuss the procedures at the Mueller hearing at length which is beyond the scope of this markup. The committees subpoenas to Trump administration officials have been met so far with resistance by the White House which has argued the officials have immunity from testifying as advisers to the President. Trump also weighed in as Thursdays Judiciary Committee hearing got underway. House Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted to authorize subpoenas for a dozen witnesses including President Donald Trumps son law and adviser Jared Kushner. Republicans dismissed the committees action as a partisan fishing expedition against Trump and a bid to heal political rifts within House Democratic ranks. Mueller found insufficient evidence to show that the Trump campaign conspired with Russia despite numerous contacts between campaign officials and Moscow. Trump and his administration have sought to stymie committee investigators by directing former Trump aides not to cooperate with Congress. The Judiciary Committee is expected soon to file a key lawsuit against McGahn as early as next week over his refusal to testify before the panel in May. House Judiciary Committee votes to authorize subpoenas for Trump officialsThe measure gives panel chairman Jerry Nadler the power to subpoena potential witnesses in its investigation into potential obstruction and abuse of power by President Donald Trump

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