Researchers Just Found a Way to Map Trumps 10 Most Embarrassing Moments Using Twitter

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They found that even the spikes in President Obamas final year were still coordinated with Trump moves. It then appeared Trumps actions were in fact related to the spikes Paulus says. Without further statistical analysis itd be difficult to argue that Trumps political blunders really had anything directly to do with embarrassment. because the mueller report does not exonerate donald trump but actually contains evidence of collusion and obstruction of justice. In fact a careful reading of the four page summary written by Attorney General William Barr shows that it in effect ADMITS that the Mueller report contains evidence of Trump collusion and also Trump obstruction of justice. Barr Said That the Mueller Report Does Not Exonerate Trump on Obstruction ChargesPoint number one is that Barrs letter clearly emphasized that the full Mueller report did NOT exonerate Trump on obstruction of justice. All he said is that there wasnt ENOUGH evidence to prove conspiracy in a criminal trial. House Democrats will subpoena the Mueller report and subpoena William Barr. the us president says the fbi and the department of justice. realdonaldtrump fbi & doj to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago

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