Biden Slams Trump Teases White House Run In A Few Weeks

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Save it a little longer the former vice president told the annual conference of the International Association of Fire Fighters to big cheers. Biden took multiple shots at Trump attacking the president for abandoning the middle class and sowing division and hate. Hows that going to help most of the people in this room?Biden slammed Trump for fueling division and undercutting American ideals. Former Vice President Joe Biden took aim at President Donald Trumps latest budget proposal on Tuesday shredding the administrations plan to shrink spending on Medicare and Medicaid. Speaking at the International Association of Fire Fighters conference Biden singled out one issue from the Trump administrations recently revealed budget proposal. Former Vice President and possible 2020 hopeful Joe Biden criticized President Donald Trumps proposed 2020 budget for doing what his own administration asked for in their time at the White House. Why?Almost a trillion dollar cut in Medicare. Why?The reductions are baked payment savings based on reduced payments to hospitals and in expected reductions for the price of prescription drugs

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