Bolton Trump would be disappointed if North Korea launches missile test

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I would be very Trump said on Wednesday. Trump and Kims Vietnam meeting ended abruptly without a deal on North Korean denuclearisation in return for sanctions relief. Bolton struck a more cautious tone telling ABC one mistake that previous administrations made was assuming that North Korea will comply when they undertake obligations. Bolton told ABC he was not aware of any contact between the US and North Korea since Vietnam though it was possible the South Koreans have spoken to North Korea. White House national security adviser John Bolton defended President Donald Trumps much scrutinized claims about the US militarys progress against the Islamic State. The president has been Bolton told Martha Raddat. Forget about the niceties exchanged after the much un. Such a deal would have brought tens of billions of dollars in economic development to North Korea. With Bolton now saying the administration is willing to drop even more sanctions on North Korea if they wont disarm unilaterally as using North Korea for domestic leverage could blow up in his faceliterally. Bolton told ABCs This Week program that ISIS fighters continue to bear arms posing a menace in the Middle East and across the globe

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