HHS Secretary Azar defends Trump budget cuts to Medicaid NIH programs

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Something they gave millionaires and billionaires and who are they asking to pay for it?Middle class families like you. are already competing for the Democratic nomination. Polls consistently list Biden and Sanders as front runners even though Biden has not entered the race. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar took some heat on Capitol Hill over the Trump administrations proposed cuts in health care in its budget but he also won some bipartisan praise for pushing to lower drug prices for Medicare patients. 5 billion for the next fiscal year the National Institutes of Health and other divisions. extend tax cuts for the rich cut social programs and trust in magic. President Trumps heartless and whackadoodle budget will never actually become law. And based on this latest statement and selling the public more fantasies and lies. The presidents 2020 budget proposal would slash government spending pretty much across the board on entitlements and other nondefense spending. The Trump administration says such tough choices will lead to a balanced budget which it claims it would achieve by 2034

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