House Lawmakers Question Trump Budget Cuts to NASA STEM Education

trump budget


questions representatives raised during the first space hearing of the new house science held yesterday. With respect to the age of the NASA workforce and the pipeline D Okla. What message does this send and what impact does a cut to STEM programs have to the pipeline of the NASA workforce?When I go out and talk to the aviation and aerospace industry she said. I definitely think NASA serves as an inspiration to a lot of our young people she said. We must protect future generations from Washingtons habitual deficit spending said the president in his budget message. Similarly Trumps budget also includes a proposal to reduce federal payments to hospitals to cover their costs of unreimbursed care. Under the Trump budget and this has been widely interpreted as a huge gain. The main purpose of Trumps budget seems to be re electing Trump in 2020. Trumps budget shows where the inattention has landed us. Two of the biggest container ports on the U

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