Trump budget would restart licensing of Yucca Mountain

trump budget


Yes it balances the budget without burdening the middle class. No it will only hurt New Jersey in the long run. President Donald Trump says in his budget that hes asking for the highest amount ever for certain wildfire prevention programs. His proposal actually contains less money for wildfire prevention efforts than the current federal spending plan. Both of those budget items directly relate to wildfire prevention on different federal lands. Congress has consistently granted more to wildfire prevention funding than Trump has requested. Steve Sisolak and Nevada members of Congress are vowing to fight to block President Donald Trumps request to restart the federal licensing process to build a nuclear waste dump in the state. In addition to opposing the waste repository near Las Vegas the state is involved in a legal battled aimed at blocking DOE for shipping weapons grade plutonium to a site near Yucca Mountain. Dina Titus and Steven Horsford also vowed to fight any attempt to build the dump

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