Trump says his budget has more money than ever for wildfire prevention It doesnt

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Something they gave millionaires and billionaires and who are they asking to pay for it?Middle class families like you. are already competing for the democratic nomination. Polls consistently list Biden and Sanders as front runners even though Biden has not entered the race. President Donald Trump says in his budget that hes asking for the highest amount ever for certain wildfire prevention programs. His proposal actually contains less money for wildfire prevention efforts than the current federal spending plan. Both of those budget items directly relate to wildfire prevention on different federal lands. Congress has consistently granted more to wildfire prevention funding than Trump has requested. For the second consecutive year President Donald Trump mostly has left selling his budget request to others. candidate trump vowed to save medicare medicaid and social security without cuts. And he has not used any tweets not even one Monday morning to conjure up coverage of his spending priorities to tout the budget request

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