Trump criticizes Bush and Obama administrations for building not a good looking wall

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Look what I did to her sons Trump told the Washington Times in an interview published Thursday night about his comments about former president George W. Bush and former presidential candidate Jeb Bush. And I said who Trump repeatedly criticized for his handling of the war in Iraq. Trumps comments about Barbara Bush came after the late first ladys intensely critical comments about him to USA Today reporter Susan Page for her biography The Matriarch became public. Bush no longer considered herself a Republican. President Donald Trump traveled to Calexico on Friday to hold a roundtable with Border Patrol officials and visit the fencing replacement his administration has said constitutes his long promised border wall. He went on to criticize previous presidential administrations for building not a good looking wall full of holes. Big doors and they never put the doors on. look what i did to her sonsi have heard that she was nasty to me trump told the washington times about barbara bush

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