Herman Cains Fed board bid is in danger as three GOP senators plan to vote against Trumps pick

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back then while smearing the female victims as liars who only wanted fame. Days later Cain doubled down theyre not totally dedicated to this country. Who knows where Cain wouldve taken his anti Muslim crusade if he didnt drop out a few weeks later?Clearly Cains history doesnt trouble Trump Ive told my folks thats the man. Of course hes Trumps manafter all Cain and Trump are cut from the same cloth with their common history of anti Muslim bigotry and misconduct with women. I wish I could say that Cains history of anti Muslim hate would result in enough GOP Senators to reject him. Asked by reporters if the nomination was safe Trump said he did not know how Cain is faring in the vetting process. Asked about Cains nomination in light of concerns raised by some Senate Republicans I like Herman Cain. The Feds seven member board has two empty seats. Herman Cains path to the Federal Reserve board could get blocked before President Donald Trump even nominates him. Mitt Romney a spokeswoman for the senator confirmed

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