Trump Clamps Down on California Will Strip Them of Their Ability To Regulate CO2 from Cars

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The Trump administration is done trying to negotiate with California and will move forward with plans to revoke the state of its authority to set tougher fuel efficiency standards. The move to revoke California of its waiver comes as the Trump administration is also looking to freeze Obama era efficiency rules meant to cut carbon emissions from the transportation industry. Pelosi Breaks from Dems Makes Shock Announcement Against Trump Impeachment. However which has enjoyed authority to set tougher standards than the federal government. appeals court on Wednesday to block California laws aimed at protecting immigrants seeking a win in one of numerous lawsuits between the White House and the Democratic dominated state. California officials say their policies limiting cooperation with U. immigration authorities promote trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement and encourage witnesses and victims to report crime. The Trump administration is asking a three judge panel of the 9th Circuit to entirely block all three laws. California has sued his administration dozens of times the environment and health care. Trump not thrilled with California plan to halt executionsPresident Donald Trump talks with reporters outside the White House before traveling to Alabama to visit areas affected by the deadly tornadoes

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