Trump 2020 Campaign Has 2016 Themes

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Its just a different set of people doing the wrong thing the Michigan Republican said in an interview with CNN. During an appearance on CBS Face the Nation on Sunday former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe expressed shock at the light sentence received by former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. Well I was really surprised by the sentence he was given McCabe told host Margaret Brennan. So like most people I was shocked by how lenient the sentence was. Brennan then asked McCabe if he believes the court in Washington D. Katrina Pierson deflected a question about diversity in the White House by asking how many black people served in the Lincoln administration. How many black people were in Abraham Lincolns West Wing?If youve got to go back to Abe Lincoln you really need to shop it Sharpton replied. The intense exchange erupted after Sharpton asked her how many African American people work inside the White House during a discussion about reparations and Pierson took exception. Sharpton questioned Pierson on how Trump can appeal to black voters if he doesnt hire African Americans to work in his White House. Theres plenty of black people working in the White House she said

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