CNN Chief Derides Fox News as Propaganda Network for Trump

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Referring to comments Trump said in regard to filing suits against the deal Zucker stated that he believed there was political motivation to block progress. The controversy surrounding new hire but laid to rest by Zucker. Theres no obligation to give one to Fox CNN included. CNN chief Jeff Zucker had a lot to say at this weekends South by Southwest. Zucker noted that Trump and his team have contacted him in the past two years about CNNs coverage saying Hes complained. Is Fox state run government by Fox TV?Theres a whole buffet of issues that are going to be critical to the next election he said. They dont have to give one to CNN they dont have to give one to MSNBC. CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta debated press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on whether or not Democrats hate Jewish people during the White House press briefing Monday afternoon. and his questions about the presidents comments about Democrats and Jewish people. Isnt that kind of rhetoric just sort of beneath everybody? Acosta asked

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