Sanders says she doesnt know why Trump wrote Cohen a check for 35000 in 2017

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Reid told Sanders the presidents story about the alleged hush payments has changed over the time. Trump initially vowed he had no knowledge of the payments but has since referred to them as private transactions. Donald Trump did this as well last Saturday when Ill protect you. What were you thinking when Michael Cohen told Congress that Donald Trump will not peacefully leave the presidency?The other thing thats dangerous about Donald Trump is that he is very comfortable whipping up hate and division. How then does Donald Trump react to Kim Jong un rejecting him at last weeks summit meeting?Donald Trump is not a normal man This will clear up and go away. As a professor and dean for the last 30 years to prepare some of you for the world into which you were to graduate. My generation has been curating that world. Im not going to get into specifics of things that are currently under review by the. We know Michael Cohen lied to Congress prior to his testimony most recently. I have never asked for it Cohen had testified

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