The Latest Dem suggests Whitaker Trump talked about Cohen

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His fate could rest in the hands of two banks who have been subpoenaed for information about Trumps financial records. David Farenthold of the Washington Post and Jeremy Bash a former chief of staff at the CIA discuss whats at stake. But the dispute could have high stakes was aimed at suppressing investigations of the Republican president. One thing that Nadler said he had questions about was whether Trump had lashed out at Whitaker after Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and lying to Congress. Nadler said he wasnt sure what the next steps would be after hearing from Whitaker. Nadler chooses to say by absence of what he didnt say and that is how he is interpreting that then Mr. Nadler will have to answer to that he continued. washington the latest on former acting attorney general matthew whitaker returning to capitol hill. The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is suggesting that former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker may have had conversations with President Donald Trump about Michael Cohens legal troubles saying that Whitaker did not deny the conversations during a private meeting on Capitol Hill. Jerrold Nadler did not get into specifics of what Whitaker said when he met with Nadler and the top Republican on the panel Georgia Rep

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