Robert Reich The Real Trump Scandal Was Never Collusion

trump collusion


The real danger is that as attention inevitably turns to the 2020 campaign controversy over the report will obscure the far more basic issues of Trumps competence and character. He is also a moral leader and the office is a moral pulpit invested with meaning about the common good. Few of our subsequent presidents have come close to the example Washington set but none to date has been as far from that standard as Trump. They directly undermined the common good by reducing the publics trust in the office of the president. the people who were dead wrong about collusion are warning trump against a victory lap. Monday Vox published an interview with Rolling Stones Matt Taibbi about the medias big failure to cover the collusion story accurately. Taibbi has argued this was a worse journalistic failure than the coverage of WMD prior to the Iraq war. And I think that disbelief and the emotional devastation of his election colored a lot of our judgments. Look almost every pundit failed to see what was happening during the presidential election. How do we correct the fact that so many people chose Donald Trump as president?

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