New FBI Fights To Keep Leaker Comeys Trump Memos Secret

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A simple press conference could have avoided 36 hours of confusion and fears of war with Iran. This all could have been avoided with one press conference. Line up the defense secretary the appropriate generals and admirals. Dreeben told the court that Comeys memos of his interactions with Trump were crucial in the special counsels probe and included much more detail than Comeys public statements. House Oversight Dem threatens jail for Trump officials who dont comply with subpoenas MORE and others in the administration. CNN and other media outlets last year fought for access to Comeys memos under a Freedom of Information Act request. fbi fights to keep leaker comeys trump memos secretjames comeythe battle for fired fbi director james comeys trump memos escalated tuesday. usa today and others against the fbi in an effort to make comeys trump memos public. the fbi fights to keep the comey memos secret. The release of Muellers Report does not alter the FBIs position with regard to the remaining redactions in the Comey Memos

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