Kudlow Trump Sending Tough Budget to Congress Domestic Cuts More

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And it requests billions of dollars more for President Trumps promised border wall which sets up another fight with Congress. Kudlow did not dispute Wallaces statement that President Trump will request another $8. I would just say that the whole issue of the wall and border security is of paramount importance. Requests for Trumps returns coming soon. and he joins Morning Joe to discuss why Congress has a legal right to the presidents tax returns. Kildee says that Congress will request his returns in the short term. President Donald Trump is asking Congress for billions of dollars in infrastructure investment in his budget proposal for the next fiscal year but is leaving details up to lawmakers as to where they want to funnel the money. Trumps 2020 budget a senior administration official told reporters. Other parts of Trumps budget such as his request for $8. 6 billion to build his proposed border wall have already been panned by Democrats

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