Ann Coulter Slams Lying Media In New Assault On Shallow Narcissistic Conman Trump

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Trump hit back saying Coulter was off the reservation and that he hadnt met with her in over a year. trump may be a shallow but that doesnt mean the media are not the enemy of the people. Both things can be true adding that perhaps one positive outcome of Trumps presidency might be the total destruction of the lying media. Conservative commentator Ann Coulter said Monday that the one positive of Donald Trump Donald John TrumpNew York Gov. Coulter told The Palm Beach Post that she didnt understand why the president wouldnt just ignore me. ** ** **number of attorneys general trying desperately to implement trumps immigration agenda whom trump mocked and forced out of office. ** ** **Apart from immigration probably the single most important campaign promise Trump made was to end the carried interest loophole. During the campaign Trump said this tax scam allowed hedge fund managers to get away with murder and vowed to eliminate it. New York magazine has produced a list of the best books to understand socialism that is so stupefyingly inane that you wonder if this is intended as satire or a really big put on. But nothey are quite earnest about this list because it was curated by experts

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