Former Top CIA Official Coup Against Trump Biggest Violation Of Constitution In History Treason

trump coup


Biggest violation of Constitution in history. president trump says the deep state tried and failed to remove him from office in a coup. Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the attempted coup on Trump was a global conspiracy. They have to destroy those three things if they are going to overturn our Constitution and turn this into a global Marxist government. The CIA has but in other things they have done criminally. Shipp says The danger for We the People is the Dark Left and Dark Left violence. And surprise surprise leftist hack Andrea Mitchell didnt even push back. Hillary Clintons camp also met with Ukrainians at the embassy and accepted dirt on Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Sally Yates should be prosecuted for her role in the attempted coup to remove Trump from office and for her targeting of General Flynn during the Trump transition. The Israelis have just made the same mistake in getting the United States under President Donald Trump to recognize their annexation of the Golan Heights

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