President Trump Urges Inquiry Into Coup Against Him

trump coup


Or to rant to a pro Trump audience about how there was no collusion and its time for some payback. Do you regret saying that? Hannity asked something Hannity described last week as a current threat to national security. This was an attempted overthrow of the United States government. Really its a coup were trying to infiltrate the administration. In congressional testimony last summer saying we will stop it. On Thursday the president made these feelings plain to Sean Hannity in his first interview since the reports publication. This was a coup meandering interview Thursday evening. Ex Attorney General Jeff Sessionss failure to do so was seen as a contributing factor in his breakup with Trump. In discussing his false claim that President Obama wiretapped his campaign even Trump seemed to acknowledge hed blown the story out of proportion. He again attacked Robert Mueller but you might be surprised about what Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had to say about the Special Counsel

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