Trumps Fed pick on critics Theyre pulling a Kavanaugh against me

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the trump administration is facing criticism from criminal justice reform advocates on the left and the right. The controversy involves a proposed change to federal hiring rules that would make all potential hires disclose whether theyve gone through pretrial diversion. Thats a widespread program that allows offenders to avoid prison time or having a criminal record by doing drug rehab or community service for example. Its a nonprofit criminal justice focused journalism organization that first spotted the proposed rule change. And since then President Trump has talked about giving people greater second chances. But all its been since then has been one personal assault after another and a kind of character assassination having nothing to do with economics a conservative talk radio show in North Dakota. Im taking a 60 percent pay cut to do this job he added. The Washington Post was the first to report on Moores latest remarks. Cesar Sayoc made the assertion in lengthy and rambling letters to a federal judge that were posted in his court case file Tuesday. No bombs exploded describing the devices as little more than fireworks

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