1000 Days After The Brexit Vote Democracy is All But Dead in UK Says Donald Trump Jr

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President Donald Trumps son has said British Prime Minister Theresa May should have listened to his fathers advice on how to conduct Brexit negotiations as the process to extricate the United Kingdom from the European Union bounces from one crisis to the next. Now the clock has virtually run out and almost all is lost exactly as the European elites were hoping. Breitbart London reported today on polling that found 44 per cent of UK respondents believed the government had set out to frustrate Brexit from day one with just 27 per cent not believing that was the case. Trump Jrs comments on Mrs May ignoring advice from the President comes just days after President Trump lamented the poor progress the Prime Minister had made to date. It comes a week after Trump senior made his latest intervention on Brexit it was tearing the country apart. He said he was surprised at how badly Brexit had gone and observed that both sides were cemented in. Mr Trump Jr wrote a column in the Daily Telegraph. Mr Trump Jr added that the will of the people is likely to be ignored because of elite politicians in Brussels. With the deadline fast approaching it appears that democracy in the UK is all but dead

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